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Breaking +++ Short Mat League Champion Named!

By Dave Dowman Roundwood Bowling Club

Friday, 1 May 2020


Roundwood Bowling Club Contributor


The mat still lays rolled out on the club house floor, the end stops lean against the wall and the fines tankard sits in it's usual place' Nothing stirs and it's eerily quiet, just as it was left ready for the Monday night short mat session then...lockdown!!

While the Premier League prevaricates, John Osborn has made an executive decision that the season has now ended and the league positions as they were on 16 March 2020 will be the final positions

This means that the 2019 - 2020 RBC Short Mat Champion is........

Dave Osborne!

Congratulations to Dave as well as to Eric Riches (2nd) and Peter Turrell (3rd) and thanks to all those who took part. For details of the final positions of all players, please see the League Tables section

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