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Opening Day 2019

By Dave Dowman Roundwood Bowling Club

Monday, 15 April 2019


Roundwood Bowling Club Contributor


Yes, the 2019 Roundwood Bowling Club season is officially open!! The first wood of the season was bowled by the current President Dave Long on Saturday afternoon on a day of fluctuating weather conditions

As usual the green was given a cut in the morning prior to the afternoon event and this ~90 minute operation saw clouds, rain, hail, snow and sunshine, and once you start you have to finish!!

There was a good turn out of 43 players with about a dozen spectators who wisely stayed in the club house!

Prior to the start of bowling, there was a refresher demonstration on the use of the defibrillator equipment and we would like to extend our thanks to Helen Spilsted for leading this

The afternoon competition was two wood fours played over three sets of six ends for the Warn Cup and was won by Jackie Downing, Dennis Riches, Paul Brown and Peter Dunn (Skip) who dominated with three straight wins. The weather threatened to intervene again with a mid-match hail shower but we played through. Michelle Bassett picked up the whiskey in the Spider

Thanks to all who took part, spectated, provided food and generally had a good afternoon in good company. We hope you have a good season and enjoy your bowls!

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